GlusterFS is an open source, distributed file system capable of scaling to several petabytes (actually, 72 brontobytes!) and handling thousands of clients. GlusterFS clusters together storage building blocks over Infiniband RDMA or TCP/IP interconnect, aggregating disk and memory resources and managing data in a single global namespace. GlusterFS is based on a stackable user space design and can deliver exceptional performance for diverse workloads. GlusterFS supports standard clients running standard applications over any standard IP network. Figure 1, right, illustrates how users can access application data and files in a Global namespace using a variety of standard protocols. No longer are users locked into costly, monolithic, legacy storage platforms. GlusterFS gives users the ability to deploy scale-out, virtualized storage - scaling from terabytes to petabytes in a centrally managed and commoditized pool of storage.

Attributes of GlusterFS include:

  1. Scalability and Performance
  2. High Availability
  3. Global Namespace
  4. Elastic Hash Algorithm
  5. Elastic Volume Manager
  6. Gluster Console Manager
  7. Standards-based