Twitter Launches New Appeal Process for Suspended Accounts

January 30, 2023

Twitter is making a major change to its account suspension policy starting February 1, 2021. Users can now appeal account suspensions and will be evaluated based on new criteria for reinstatement. According to the Twitter Safety team's announcement, they have been proactively reinstating previously suspended accounts and with the new changes anyone can appeal an account suspension. To further ensure that users are being held accountable for any policy violations, Twitter has decided to take a more nuanced approach of limiting the reach of individual tweets rather than removing them entirely.

To learn more about this new process, visit or follow Twitter Safety.

Twitter has announced a new approach to its account suspension policy that aims to ensure healthier online conversations while also protecting vulnerable users from harm. From now on, accounts that have engaged in severe or ongoing violations of Twitter policies will be suspended. This includes but is not limited to content or activities deemed illegal, threats of violence or harm, privacy violations, platform manipulation and spam, and targeted harassment of users. Accounts found to have violated these policies will not be reinstated. Additionally, Twitter is actively reinstating previously suspended accounts where appropriate.

The company hopes these new changes will provide a fairer and more transparent way for users to attempt to get their accounts reinstated if they feel their suspension was unfair. To this end, Twitter encourages users to become familiar with the new criteria for suspensions [link] and appeal their suspensions if necessary [link].

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