Simplifying the Page Experience Report

August 4, 2021

The Page Experience report in Search Console was launched earlier this year to offer publishers and site owners a way to quickly understand how their sites fare against the page experience signals. Today, a new version of the report was launched that simplifies it by removing the Safe Browsing and Ad Experience widgets.

The page experience ranking update started slowly rolling out on June 15, 2021 and the rollout will be completed by August 31, 2021.

Safe Browsing systems at Google are designed to keep users safe on the internet. Sometimes sites fall victim to third-party hijacking, which can cause Safe Browsing warnings to be surfaced. It is clarified that Safe Browsing isn't used as a ranking signal and won’t feature in the Page Experience report. Any Safe Browsing flags will continue to be surfaced in the Search Console outside of the Page Experience report.

Google is making a few changes to its Search Console in order to streamline the information presented to users and make it more user-friendly. First, the company is removing the Ad Experience widget from Search Console. This widget displayed information that was already available in the Ad Experience report, a standalone tool that can be used to review the status of a site and identify any ad experiences that violate the Better Ads Standards. Google is making this change so that users don't have to see the same information in two different places. The Ad Experience report will still be available and can be used to check a site's page experience status (loading time, interactivity, visual stability, mobile friendliness, HTTPS, and lack of intrusive interstitials).

In addition to removing the Ad Experience widget, Google is also making some other improvements to the report. The company is adding new status labels that make it easier to understand which issues need to be fixed and which have already been addressed. They're also adding a new filter so users can view data from a specific time period. These changes should make it easier for users to understand the state of their site and take action accordingly.

The Google Search team has announced several improvements to the way its Page Experience and Core Web Vitals reports handle missing data.

Specifically, the team has added a "No recent data" banner to the Core Web Vitals report and Page Experience report, and fixed a bug that caused the latter to show "Failing HTTPS" when Core Web Vitals data was missing. Additionally, empty state text in both reports has been rephrased for clarity.

These improvements should make it easier to use the Page Experience report and help webmasters build sites with great page experience. Those with questions or feedback are encouraged to visit Google's help forums or let the team know through Twitter.

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