Google Ads Introduces Account-Level Negative Keywords Feature

January 31, 2023

Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin recently announced that the new account-level negative keywords feature is now available to worldwide Google Ads advertisers. This feature, which was first announced in 2020 and has since been tested for several months, allows advertisers to exclude traffic from all search and shopping campaigns, as well as the search and shopping portion of Performance Max, with brand-safe keyword exclusions.

The announcement was made via Twitter on January 27th, 2023 ( The tweet noted that account-level negative keywords are now rolling out globally and can be accessed from Account Settings Advertisers will be able to take advantage of this new feature for greater brand safety and suitability. Advertisers now have the ability to add account-level negative keywords to their campaigns on Google Ads. This feature, accessed from the account settings page, is designed to help brands maintain their reputation by avoiding appearing in contexts that may be inappropriate. It also streamlines campaign management and increases accuracy of ad targeting by preventing duplicated or missing negative keywords. As a result, advertisers can benefit from higher-quality traffic and better returns on investment. Google Ads Help: Add Account Level Negative Keywords

Google Ads is introducing a range of new brand suitability controls that will give brands more control over their advertising and ensure their campaigns target the appropriate audience. This rollout includes existing inventory types, digital content labels, placement exclusions, and campaign-level negative keywords. Google Ads is also expanding account-level negative keywords to address various use cases and will have more to share soon.

The new brand suitability controls are essential for brands to ensure their campaigns are properly targeted to the right audience. For further information on this rollout, please refer to Google Ads' brand suitability controls.

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