About Europe Based C-Class IPs

C-Class IPs from different countries in Europe

This offering provides you access to range of IPs from many different countries in Europe!

Unlike our competitors who provide incremental c-class IPs from a single B-class and all from the same data-center. Our IPs are from different European data-centers and from different part of the continent. Technically it is near impossible to trace sites that are hosted on these IPs.

This offering is best suitable for clients with EU based customers or for IP diversification.

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Data Centers of these IPs

  • England - London
  • Portugal - Lisbon
  • Czech Republic - Ceska
  • Spain - Barcelona
  • Spain - Madrid
  • Finland - Parikkala
  • France - Roubaix
  • Poland - Wroclaw
  • England - Maidstone
  • Russian Federation - Moscow
  • Romania - Bucharest
  • Iceland - Reykjavik
  • Austria - Graz
  • Netherlands - Amsterdam
  • Sweden - Stockholm
  • Switzerland - Zurich
  • Isle Of Man - Douglas
  • France - Paris
  • Italy - Milano
  • Germany - Koeln
  • Germany - Falkenstein
  • SEO Hosting Plans

    PlanIPPricingFree VPSFree SSLSpaceBandwidthSign Up
    4 Europe-C-Classes4
    check_circle_outline20GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    8 Europe-C-Classes8
    check_circle_outline40GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    12 Europe-C-Classes12
    check_circle_outline60GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    16 Europe-C-Classes16
    check_circle_outline80GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    20 Europe-C-Classes20
    check_circle_outlinecheck_circle_outline100GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    30 Europe-C-Classes30
    check_circle_outlinecheck_circle_outline120GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    40 Europe-C-Classes40
    check_circle_outlinecheck_circle_outline140GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    50 Europe-C-Classes50
    check_circle_outlinecheck_circle_outline160GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    60 Europe-C-Classes60
    check_circle_outlinecheck_circle_outline180GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    70 Europe-C-Classes70
    check_circle_outlinecheck_circle_outline200GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    100 Europe-C-Classes100
    check_circle_outlinecheck_circle_outline220GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now
    120 Europe-C-Classes120
    check_circle_outlinecheck_circle_outline240GBUnlimitedshopping_cart Buy Now

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    What Is Included?

    done cPanel and WHM Control Panel

    done Super Fast SSD Servers

    done Separate Unique Class IP\

    done Separate A Class Nameservers

    done Private Branded Nameservers

    done ns1.yourdomain.com

    done ns2.yourdomain.com

    done 1-click Wordpress Installer

    done .htaccess enabled

    done Unlimited Email Accounts

    done Unlimited FTP Accounts

    done Unlimited MySQL Databases

    done Choice of PHP Version

    done Dedicated Resource per client

    done CloudLinux

    done 330+ One-click Installers

    done Stats / Logs

    done No Contract

    done 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

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